February 12, 2004

Just got back from lunch with Brian and Alan and Kat at Dotty’s Dumpling Dowry. That place is still really really good. It’s not old Dotty’s, but nothing will ever replace the much lamented place. Sniff.

Funcom did a press release today for their newest expansion to Anarchy Online. I will admit to being pretty impressed. Alien Invasion looks like a pretty cool concept. New vehicles, player cities, lots of new mobs to fight. Good concept. Though, the abbreviation (AO:AI) seems a little annoying.

Next week Katie and I are going to meet with the travel agent I’ve been working with to make reservations at places to eat, and to plan our itenerary proper. Should be a hoot and a half.

I hope you dig the short films. I’m going to do a bunch more in the near future. Did I mention I love my camera?

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