Yahoo My Ass

February 6, 2004

Slow day today, though regrettably not at work. So while nothing is happening I’m supposed to be getting things done. So it goes…

Last night I went over to my mother’s work to help her get her DSL line re-installed. They’re using a router and SBC/Yahoo are … less than helpful. So I put my nerd thing down with them for a bit while the air outside began to fill with while flakes. We got a lot of snow here last night, and it was gorgeous this morning when I went out to the weight room. By the time I left work for lunch today, the beauty had turned dreary and ucky. Again, so it goes.

Nothing big planned for this weekend. Game as usual on Sunday, and I guess on Saturday we’re going to be going bowling. Should be fun to see people.

I’ve been working on my editorial for monday earlier than normal this week because I’ve been unsatisfied with my performance of late. Hopefully the extra time will show this coming monday.

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