Jawwing Exercises Mouth Muscles

January 15, 2004

Yesterday evening Katie and I hung out with Alan and Aaron at Alan’s place, jawwing about this, that, and the other thing. Surprisingly enough something seems to have come from it, and I hope that high amusement will result. I’m especially enthused because it was partially my idea.

At lunch I began work on reviews of the Young Wizards series of books. I’ve only got the first one done, but I wanted to get the page for the series looking nice underneath the reviews level. Hopefully over the next week or so I can stay motivated to get the other six books covered. That should be good.

Tonight I’ve got an appointment for Alfred, my Saturn. That should be wonderful. And by wonderful I mean expensive. Tomorrow it looks like I’m going to a movie with some folks. Lost in Translation has been highly recommended to me by the world at large (and my brother in particular). Here’s hoping it’s a worthwhile time investment.

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