Christmastime SR

December 22, 2003

Morning, folks.

I’ve added a few blogs to my Bookmarks page (thanks, Alan). I’d like to specifically point out GameDevLeague, Jamie Fristrom’s blog. It is par excellent. I know what I’ll be doing during lunch today.

I had a really amazing weekend. Just incredibly nice, full of time spent with friends and having a good time.

Friday we had chinese and gamed. Got them through the first part of their latest run, and then left them on a cliff-hanger (because I then had Sunday to finish things up). More on the game in a second.

Saturday was just frickin’ lazy. I don’t even remember if I went anywhere. Read a bunch, slept in. All kinds of good.

Sunday we had dessert for dinner (My tummy still hurts), and finished up the run they started on Friday. My players are cool. They were thrust into a stressful situation, didn’t panic, thought things through, and got out safely because they went with the flow. They learned valuable lessons on this run.

Psst: Here’s a tip that Alan touches on in his GM Tips page, but that I think I’ve finally gotten down. The early sessions of a long term campaign teach your players what to expect out of the game world. If you show them what are and are not valid tactics and strategies, they’ll be able to anticipate problems in their own planning stages much sooner. Giving them an understanding of what works and what doesn’t without killing their characters in the process is a very good thing(tm).

I love Christmas. This is going to be a great week. Tonight we’re seeing Return of the King, and tomorrow we’re going to be doing something of a gift exchange thingie amongst my room-mates. Wednesday through Sunday I’m off of work, so that will rawk. I’m going to try and make an effort to post even on my days off so that I can get some Christmas bloggy goodness going.

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