His Home Smelled of Cat Pee

December 8, 2003

I have used the term catass once or twice, and people have asked me for the origin of the term. Now I have one:

The term came from an article in a major publication (forget the source) that talked about some of the people that gave their life over to EQ. One person they covered had a cat, and the article commented that the apartment, “smelled like a used litterbox”. Lum the Mad, on his site, turned the lovely phrase, “My place smells like catass!” or somesuch when posting about this article. People then picked up on the term and use it colloqually to describe people that spend so much time in game that they forget offline duties (such as cleaning the litter box). It has a very negative connotation, usually used in a derogatory manner. It’s been verbed to mean “to spend a lot of time advancing in a game”.

Example usage: “Peter got a Jedi in SWG! Can you believe he catassed that much?”


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