Merry Christmas Dead Tree

December 6, 2003

Ho, Ho, Ho!

While Christmas is arguably my favorite season, it’s rare that I actually feel Christmas-y anymore. Today I did!

Yesterday evening Katie and I had a quiet evening together, with some Simply Soup for dinner and about an hour of quiet amusement at Barnes and Noble after that. Katie picked up a new Rumpelstilskin picture book, and I purchased the sixth book in the Wizardry series. Diane Duane’s series, which began with So You Want to Be a Wizard, has been my favorite book series for many years. Arguably aimed at young adults, her writing style keeps me interested dispite the difference in age between myself and the intended audience. This most recent entry in the series was very good, and I finished it this morning. I’ll be throwing out a review of the series overall at some point soon. It means enough to me to cover it in some detail.

Today, we had some more soup with Brian, and then headed out with Kat to a local tree farm. We cut ourselves a tree, and then retired home. We’ve been watching christmas themed episodes of some of our favorite shows (Kim Possible and Good Eats in particular were good), and the house smells of turkey stock.

Looks like tomorrow we’ll be decorating, thought maybe we’re going to be game-less. Looks like Alan is down for the count because of his health.

The weekend is going great so far!

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