I Missed You Tivo

December 1, 2003

Happy December!

The Holiday weekend was pretty spiffy.

Thursday was turkey-tastic. Although there was some initial confusion about what time Katie and I would be eating where, our families ended up having their meals about 1 hour apart, so everything worked out fine and we ate heaping helpings of good and nummy vittles.

Friday we laid low all day, and took Katie’s grandparents out for dinner in the evening. After dinner Katie and I headed over to Alan’s for some socializin’, where Elijah met up with us. He stayed with us for the weekend. (Best houseguest ever.)

Saturday was another quiet day, with a social-tacular event for the evening in the form of my brother’s gala movie premiere. It went over big with the audience, and was a hoot and a half. I greatly look forward to the DVD. After the movie some folks came over to the Birdhouse and we played Trivial Pursuit. Thanks to everyone who came over for the chattin’ and the thinking.

Sunday I most slept and played XIII. Everyone was here, in town, and healthy, so we played us some Shadowrun after a tasty meal of biscuits and gravy. I am told it went over well, so I guess I did a good job.

We’re thinking of getting a christmas tree thiscoming weekend, so that should be entertaining. Don’t really have any other exciting plans for the week.

Tonight I’m going to be snagging my Tivo from the Nantucket office, where it’s apparently been sitting for over two weeks!!! ARGH!

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