Sasquatch Has a Posse

November 26, 2003

After work yesterday I went out and snagged some gifts, as promised. I basically now only have my mother and Katie’s parents to get gifts for.

I took a nap last night after I got home, and hoo doggies am I glad I did. I’ve just been so tired lately. I feel much refreshed today, though, so that was obviously a good decision. Katie and Brian dragged me out of bed when they got home from work last night and we watched my Netflix bestowed copy of Die Another Day, which was still not very good. The joy of Netflix: Watching movies again to make sure they still suck.

I still have to work through Mission Impossible 2 (yech, but whatever) and The Ring this weekend. I need to make sure to watch The Ring with people so I don’t scare the piss out of myself.

Tomorrow is, of course, Turkey day, and I’ll be spending the first part of it gleefully unconcious. After rousing myself sometime around 11, Katie and I will be having two turkey dinners. Gaaah. All that moving around on Thanksgiving is unnatural.

If you haven’t checked out my screenshots gallery yet, go looksie at my SWG Gallery. Last night I finally did some last minute errands before my account goes cold again. I picked up a charming Kaadu named (imaginatively) Strider, and checked out one of the player-run cities, a berg known as Vagabond’s Rest. Very impressive City Hall.

Remember, this Saturday, 7pm at Rocky’s East: Sasquatch 2, Electric Bugaloo.

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