It’s Not Hawkey

November 17, 2003

A very nice weekend, all in all.

On Friday Katie and I went to a Hockey game. The Badgers tied with Minnesota, 3-3 in overtime. Pretty exciting.

Saturday was a quite lazy day. Mostly I played FFXI and read. Katie was gone for part of the day seeing a football game with her dad, but in the evening we watched a few movies. (Including Kiki’s delivery service, which may be my favorite Miyazaki film.)

Sunday we went to dinner with my family, and I finished reading Draconomicon. It was really nice seeing the folks. Paul is going to be having a film unveiling the weekend after Thanksgiving at Rocky’s east, which should be cool. I’ll put up more details later.

This should hopefully be a quiet week. I have reviews for Draconomicon and Things my Girlfriend and I have Argued About coming down the pipe.

Good monday, humans!

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