Vana’diel Vigor

November 13, 2003

So, you may or not be familiar with the newest MMOG here in the states. Final Fantasy XI is a massively multiplayer world that has been up and running in Japan for something like a year and a half now. The game is beautiful, fun, and runs like silk. Square has discovered the key to launching a fun MMOG: Have an entire nation playtest it for you for almost two years first!

I’m playing a female Elvaan Red Mage named Ducaere. She’s basically a spellsword, good with both martial and magical combat. I am so far highly entertained.

What’s made this experience as awesome as it has is the interaction with my new compatriots, the Guardians of Azeroth. The GoAns transformed my usual new experience with a MMOG (where am I? What should I be doing?) into a friendly atmosphere of amusement all around.

The World of WarCraft Beta should be starting late this month or early next month, but I have a feeling I’m going to be able to make time for both for a while.

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