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November 7, 2003


This was up on the Amazon site for a while as a review of Worlds of Warcraft, but has since been removed. I think it covers things pretty well…

This hasn’t come out, but I’m going to review it anyway, September 23, 2002

Reviewer: kazztawdal from Campton, NH USA

This game won’t be released for a very long time, but I, your average Amazon.com customer, feel utterly and completely qualified to review it anyway.

It is definitely a game. It comes on a very shiny, perfectly circular CD. It fits comfortably into a standard CD-ROM drive, where it spins and is read by a laser.

It will be shipped in a cardboard Amazon.com box, inside of which will be protective inflated plastic. In the center of the box will be the World of Warcraft box, bound tightly in Saran Wrap. Inside of this box shall be a manual, a jewel case containing a compact disc, and a catalog advertising other Blizzard Entertainment products.

The game itself contains color graphics, sound effects, and music.

Thumbs-up! I will pre-emptively recommend this product to anybody and everybody who has ever or will ever enjoy anything.

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