Peein’ On The Statue

October 8, 2003

Hey, I know what I’ll do!

I’ll get elected as president, and then scoff at the intelligence and investigative capabilities of my own damn country!

{rant bit: on}

Okay, so I know that the person running our country is a right-winged wacko idiot with the speaking abilities of a 4th grader, but what the hell is he thinking? Isn’t the whole point of the president to be the leader by example? So, basically, what he’s telling us is that the FBI is impitent, and we shouldn’t worry about it if we commit a federal crime because they’re too ineffectual to stop us?

He quashes the right to choose, prisoner’s rights, the environment, the chance for the US to ween itself from oil dependence, he goes galavanting off to other countries starting wars, and now he insults the ability of our own Justice Department to carry out an investigation?

What the FUCK is he going to do next, piss on the Statue of Libery? Take a crap on the Bill of Rights?

That’s it. I’m moving to canada.

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