Pants Grinding For Artisan

October 6, 2003

A productive SWG weekend, for the most part. I’m this close to Master Artisan, and I’m slowly but steadily working my way up the Tailor tree. I have no idea how people make Master status in the advanced proffessions so quickly. I haven’t even made it one box into the proffession yet, and the sheer amount of xp needed for each box is staggering.

I’m planning on joining a player city on Naboo, a place called Vagabond’s Rest, halfway between Keren and Theed. I’m really interested in being able to participate in the creation of a city, and I look forward to it greatly.

Yes, I am a busy human…Mon Cal. Whatever.

The hard part is that I need to decide whether I’m playing Star Wars or Everquest next month. I have a feeling SWG is going to win out on this one…Katie is likely to be getting a new computer for Christmas, so she’ll be able to do gaming things more frequently and stuff, so I’d like to play with her on EQ….bah.

Decisions are hard. But I don’t want to be paying $50 in access fees to online games a month. Call me crazy.

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