Growing Old Alone

September 25, 2003

It’s my birthday! Happy birthday to me!

I am now 23 years of age, and I’m not dead yet.

Spent pretty much all evening last night playing Alan and Aaron’s beta version of “Dungeoncrawl”. High excitement, and my Healer is now lvl. 3!

Tonight should be dead quiet. I have to work late, and Katie and Brian will be working this evening so I’ll be by myself when I do get home.

I’ll be okay with that. I have some stuff I’m a doin’, and there are a metric ton of books I want to get through. I’ll throw the list of books I need to read up here tonight, probably, so you can get a grip on the scope of my problem.

Ben’s notes from the cormyr game are now up, in a very rough un-spellchecked form. Enjoy, if you like long narratives.

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