Older Than I’ve Ever Been

September 22, 2003

What a weekend.

I am quite, quite tired, but this was a great weekend.

The party on Friday was a hoot and a half. Heather and Kat got a bunch of pictures. Hopefully they’ll let me know when they have those up on their sites, and I’ll link over to them.

Folks were there till about 2 am or so, and you’d almost think we weren’t all old fuddy-duddies. Amusing conversations and good company all around.

Sunday’s game was…..well, I thought for a first session of a new campaign, it went pretty well. There’s a groove you get into as you play a game, and we just have to get in there. I also have to admit I was feeling a little overwhelmed, so hopefully some additional preperation for next weekend, as well as the fact that the first session is under our belt, will make the next one feel smoother.

Stephenson’s new book, Quicksilver, is coming out tomorrow. Going to have to stop and pick that up on my way home.

And, I turn 23 this Thursday. Going to have a quiet actual birthday, it seems, but tomorrow we’re going to do a family dinner for me. Neato.

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