The Gods Do Love Object Lessons

September 9, 2003


I am currently attempting to fight off a mild form of the plague, so I’m a bit tired and out of sorts. My ingenious plan to remedy this is to amuse myself a great deal at home tonight. I think I’m going to be mostly by myself. Unknown at this time.

My cousin Nora told me on Sunday that she had purchased a PHB, and was going to be playing in a game! w00t! My little cousin, getting into the hard-core nerdery. It does my heart proud.

Here’s hoping her gaming experiences are amusing and full of death.

My gaming experience with Cormyr ended for a bit on Sunday. I ran them through a trippy alternate world as a change of pace before revealing it was all an elaborate object lesson. Those deities. Gotta love them.

SR Chargen is this Sunday. That will be fun.

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