I do so love commuting on a Saturday

August 28, 2003

As I said, I’d be in at work today.

Luckily it’s just some testing. DSC brings down it’s eSales / ELO stuff on the weekends to avoid disrupting customer usage. So, regrettably, this is when testing has to be done. We’re almost done. The system’s being rebuilt one more time so I can double check a niggling little detail. I got here around 12:30, and it’s about an hour later now. Hopefully we’ll be gone by 2.

Pegasus is having a sale today, which rox because I was planning on going anyway. (D&D Minis taste like fun!) Afterwards I will hie myself to the market to get some food for tonight. Beef Stroganoff ala Alton is in the offing, I think.

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