Norrath Bound

August 25, 2003

I am doing the following today:

– Sneezing, a lot. I don’t know why, either. My assumption is that my nasal cavities have somehow been offended. I am going to attempt medication once I get home, as I hate having sinus issues.

– Twitching and shuddering uncontrollably over this.

– Anticipating picking up Everquest: Evolution after work today. It should be interesting hanging out in Norrath with the Girl. Prepare for some hot hafling action.

– Being well pleased at the Cormyr game. Despite the game running for almost exactly a year and two months, we’re going on hiatus stronger than ever. I think the players really like their characters, and their attachment to the NPCs and their in-game business is pretty obvious Hooray for gaming! The upcoming break will let me refocus the game for the upcoming climax of the campaign, and let me enjoy the simple pleasures of a Shadowrun campaign. w00t.

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