I Am a Pirate

August 24, 2003

Saturday rocked!

Went to breakfast with Kat, Brian, Katie, Elijah and Andrea (Elijah’s g/f). Elijah has been in town this weekend as a mini-vacation. Very cool.

In the afternoon, Katie and I went to an American Player’s Theatre Production of The Tempest, which was pretty ding-dang good. The sun and such resulted in a pretty bad headache for both of us, but we recovered in the cool of The Birdhouse in time for humans to come over to hang out.

Ben Wyman (who we haven’t seen in a coon’s age), and Joe and Abby came over to join the rest of us for a showing of Pirates of the Carribean at Point Cinemas. V. Cool. I am mighty sleepy now, though, as we stayed up a little after we got back…and we didn’t get back until midnight. Eh. It’s the weekend.

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