Never Been to CA

August 13, 2003

Right, so.

California was pretty freaking amazing.

I hate planes.

Ugh. Last wednesday and yesterday were spent almost entirely traveling, and my brain is some sort of squidgy porous thing that you can look through if you try hard enough. Luckily, when you look through it you should be able to see part of one of the good books I crammed in there during the past week or so.



– Visiting Endor (Redwood Forests)
– The San Francisco Zoo
– Mule Races
– The Pacific Ocean
– Wineries
– Point Rayes
– Cool Giacomini Relatives


– Old Great Grandpa had a farm
– SFO to DEN to ORD to MSN … 12 hours of travel time
– Overcrowded cable cars (we never did get on one)
– Adventures in uncomfortable sleeping

I am happily home now, though, and sleeping in my own bed last night was wonderful. I am looking forward to more of the my bed goodness tonight.

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