Shields Failing

July 30, 2003

Okay, I’ll admit it…I’ve cooled on Star Wars Galaxies.

I realized one day before we left for the con last week that I wasn’t “doing” anything. I was running around, making stuff, and selling it. That was it.

So, I went to play Geneoa, my combat character. I’m trying to make him into a Rebel (since Amak is an Imp), but in order to joing the Rebel Faction you have to have enough faction points. In order to gain faction points, you can either go on seek and destroy missions (done a few of those…but I die a lot, cuz as a new character furry kittens are more combat effective), or “FedEx” missions, where you deliver some data from point A to point B. Now, I’m on Tatooine, and as I said I’m trying to become a Rebel. (SWG Players are already rolling their eyes in pain.)

On Tatooine, the town of Anchorhead is really the only place to become a rebel. Anchorhead has about 7 buildings, a cantina, and the shuttleport. That’s about it. So, I’m faced with either doing FedEx missions to other cities that cost as much or more for a ticket as the mission pays, or I can do in-city FedEx missions….for people who can literally see each other across the town center. I mean, I pick up a package, I turn around, I walk about 20 meters, and I drop off the package. Rinse and repeat.

It’s pretty frustrating. I’m thinking of canning Galaxies for a while so I can either work on some of the single player games I’ve been neglecting, or perhaps (and this would likely not happen until I was back from CA) try out Everquest.

Okay, now that you’ve stopped frothing, I should point out that 400,000 people is a pretty strong indicator that there is something to the game. It has what I now see myself to be looking for, action, quests, things to do

Anyway, not sure about any of this yet. Just thought I’d let you know.

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