Spheres of Meat Are Tasty

July 16, 2003

Hi ho!

Me again. (As opposed to all the other people who post here)

Made pasketty and meatballs last night, and a darn good imitation of said staple food, if I do say so myself. This whole cooking thing is pretty cool. I think I’ve gotten over the learning hump where most basic preperations are logical to me, and it’s just specific applications of the techniques that I need to work on. I’m probably done cooking until next week. Have to pick something interesting.

The ladies have been gearing up for a fete they’re putting on this weekend (which I guess I’m attending…), a Murder Mystery party thingie. Should be interesting. (Or at least non-lethal.)

Next week is GenCon! I am going to be without net access, most likely, so you’re not going to get much in the way of impressions during the week, but I am going to bring my camera and lots of batteries, so you’ll be getting a gallery for sure. The gallery is highly likely to have much commentary, so worry not.

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