An Amak Product

July 11, 2003

My name is Amak, and it has been many days since I had the opportunity to write. I sit now, in a chair in the parlor of my home. Yes, I have a home of my own now. I purchased the place from a kindly architect who offered it to me for a pittance. It is a small place, just two rooms, but very comfortable. I don’t have very much furniture yet, but I have been told of a saleswoman who can help me out in that regard, and I will be contacting her within the next few days to see if I can remedy this particular problem.

My business is booming. In fact, at the moment I believe that most of my sales on the bazaar have been completed. I have been hard at work improving my skills over the past days, and I have a large stock of clothing to put up for sale. Indeed, I have come to a decision…I will be a Tailor. I have decided to use this building as a sort of general store, and sell my wares here. I should soon have enough skill to set up an automated vendor, and eventually should be able to hire some citizens to sell my wares with a more personable touch.

I have met many people here on my new home planet, but have gotten close to few. I fear that I will spend much of my time her alone…but I believe that all I need to do is spend some time socializing, and I may find a good friend. One individual, a bothan named Vixen, has been a kindly companion, but I see far too little of her.

Perhaps my newly burgeoning musical skills will be of some help. I have been learning to play new instruments and picked up new songs…I really must spend more time in the cantina, for several reasons.

Until I write again,

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