Bugs All Over The Place

July 7, 2003

A nice, quiet weekend. The best kind.

Next weekend I should be heading to Milwaukee to hang with my Joeish and Abbyish friends. That should be enter-ma-taining. ;)

*sigh* Technical issues with Star Wars Galaxies have not been over exaggerated. It is very difficult to get on, hard to stay on, and when you are playing, there are numerous small problems that make a long stretch of having fun very difficult.

BUT…when you are having fun…w00t. I will stick with this product in an effort to see it through to a place where the bugs are knocked out and my fun is not interrupted by bug reporting. I think it’s worth it.

Interesting review over at WarCry.

Some of the bigger sites have begun doing reports on SWG, too. Here’s one over at gamespy.

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