Hunting the Wild SpineFlap

July 2, 2003

Not much playing last night, because of Aaron’s game. Pretty much just ran a few missions to get some money to pay my bills, then logged.

I am swimming in metals, though. Going to have to put some of those up for auction, if only to get them out of my inventory. I’m full of goals for the weekend.

1.) Do a bunch of hunting so I can have a bunch of bones and hide for armor. I would not be adverse to paying for these, but with my bills, money is kinda tight right now.

2.) Do a bunch of delivery missions on the way to saving for a house. A small Naboo house should only run me between 15 and 20 k, so I could probably raise that in a day or two of running missions. Where to put that house would be the real question.

3.) Make Tailor. Right now I’m only just gotten past Domestic III, so that may take some time. I’d like to make tailor by the end of the weekend, though. We’ll see.

Gosh I like this game.

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