Fiberplast Leads To Shirts

June 30, 2003

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I didn’t actually play all that much, because I woke up pretty late and had my D&D game to run, but Amak sure was busy yesterday. I broke out a half-hour long macro for sampling, and am now swimming in Fiberplast, steel, and aluminum. I also got a wind-power generator and a mineral extractor up, so I’ll have even more aluminum when I get back into the game.

Those maintenence fees are harsh, though, especially for the power generator. Oh well…I’ll just have to be an excellent sales-fish.

I am definately going for Tailor, with (most likely) some Armorsmith and Merchant on the side. I am extremely enthused by this game. Now that I have a clear path, I’m ready to burn my way there. y0.

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