This is not the NDA You’re Looking For

June 20, 2003

Hi there!

Had dinner with Katie’s folks last night, and had a very good evening. Katie’s mum is an amazing cook, and a good time was had by all.

The Temple of Elemental Evil game site is now up.

The NDA for SWG was lifted last night, and reality has been flooded with information about the game. I will attempt to link to some of the most interesting pieces of info:

  • Stratics SWG has a metric butt-ton of info about the game.
  • Here is an excellent post by a beta tester over on Waterthread.
  • This is a very nice post on the official boards by a beta tester making a meaningful ingame trip at the end of his beta experience.
  • SWG Warcry isalways an informative site, has exploded with info since the NDA was lifted.
  • I’m going to be incorporating some changes into the Daylog, because I plan on keeping a log of my SWG adventures. I will add entry types to the log, so that you can easily identify if a log entry is me babbling about my day, or about galaxies. My girl is going to be at a convention most of this weekend, so I think I’m going to spend most of my time this weekend engaging in a little hot Jedi action. w00t.

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