Michael vs. the Moving

May 15, 2003

Well, after many trials and death and carnage, we got Katie moved in yesterday. Now we just have to get her stuff put away, and such.


E3 has produced a great deal of “stuff” about the games I’m following. Blizzard has a site devoted to its e3 offerings. Both Ghost and WOW look A-MAZE-ING.

Similarly, there is a great deal of info at Gamespy’s E3 Site, though it unfortunately forces you to get a “free” registration to look at it.

One of the gems off of that site is the new Star Wars Galaxies movie.


Something else I’m following, but am (probably) not going to play is a MMOG that is based around super heroes. This is imaginatively called City of Heroes. Interesting premise, and I can see a lot of people digging it.

It looks like I will be making an appearance at my brother’s Pool Party. I’m scared.

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