A to the T to the I to the Tale in the Desert

April 28, 2003

So…I’ve settled down a little bit with the whole MMORPG thing.

I think I’m going to stick with A Tale in the Desert. It’s absolutely fascinating, and the possibilities are truly open ended.

If you’re an ATITD player in the Sinai Area, look me up near the UArt, on a small hill near the bend in the river.

Probably not going to buy Planetside when it comes out, but I’m still enjoying the beta. Since they implimented a new system, action has been much more focused and intense. There was a particularly harrowing battle on Saturday that I took part in that really exemplified for me what this game is capable of.

A little background:
In game my character is certified in a small, one man aircraft called a Reaver. It has a forward mounted chaingun and a pair of rocket launchers, and is typically used as an anti-vehicle/aircraft deterant for ground forces. I was flying over a swampy patch, with mangrove-like trees covering much of the ground. My radar told me that a fierce groundfight was going on beneath me, but I couldn’t see where. Finally, the treecover broke, and I found myself hovering over a watchtower deep in the swamps. These watchtowers are typically 3-4 stories tall, and some of them sport AA guns on their top levels. This one, thankfully, did not. I found, to my surprise, nearly 50 members of the faction I am a part of fighting for control of the watchtower, while nearly that many of another faction attempted to hold the building. There were several other Reavers of my faction hovering over the building, and someone had deployed an AMS vehicle nearby. An AMS is a movable spawn position, a place where you can re-spawn upon death. Thus, whenever anyone was killed in the conflict, on either side, they were back in the fight very quickly (our side deploying from the AMS, the other faction from the spawn tubes in the basement of the watchtower). I was shot down almost immediately, and began participating in the ground campaign with the rest of the troops. Our persistance was paid off quickly, as the first floor was breached, and we headed into the basement while others worked to secure the higher floors. The respawn tubes were quickly disabled, ensuring that any members of the opposing faction who were killed would have to hike in order to get back into the fight. With that breathing room, the remaining resistance was quelled, and the watchtower was taken.

Very cool.

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