First Day On Naboo

June 27, 2002

Amak, the Amak on Corbantis, was deleted by the server freakout, so I’ve recreated him on Starsider. No big deal, as I handn’t done a thing with him at that point. Today, on the other hand…

I have done a great deal since I last wrote. My name is Amak, and I am a crafting machine. I have made several CDEF weapons for the budding marksmen in Theed and Keren. I am beginning to enjoy the thrill of providing hunters with their tools. While my original thoughts were geared towards becoming an Architect, like my father, I think that perhaps working my way into the realm of Weaponsmith may be more entertaining. Of course, there are many other artisans with similar designs on Naboo…time will tell. I have also picked up the Novice Entertainer skillset. Yes, Mon Cal can get their groove on just as well as any other species. I am not very skilled yet, but as a way to relax from surveying, you can’t beat it. Right now I’m trying to work may way to Engineering III and Surveying III. I do still plan on becoming a Master Artisan, but I can’t decide whether or not to become a Weaponsmith first, or head back and work on the other trees in the Artisan Branch first. Luckily..there is no rush. There are always beings wanting some of the wares we crafters make, and Theed is an excellent market. I ran into a very nice Bothan named Vixen, who assisted me in getting some pistol experience. I plan on looking that particualar being up again the next time I’m looking for some combat experience. Well, back to work!

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