Senior Syndrome

April 23, 2002

Comics –
# Sluggy Freelance : I did that to a donation box once and people yelled at me.
# 8-Bit Theatre : Hehehe..Garland’s naked. What’s with all the naked comic folks lately?

News and Articles –
# A Napster Lovin’ Hippie
# Another Train Wreck. Grr…want better national train system…grrr..
# Olympic Security for 2004
# China #2 web using country
# 3D Handhelds
# Women “can” choose whether they want kids or not
# Everyone is stupid

Misc. –
# If you, like me, are a big nerd, you may find the Gamestoppers column on the Wizards of the Coast site interesting. In it they cover some obscure or hard to follow rules from the d20 system using amusing in-game examples.
# Woohoo! I just got my hot little hands on I’m Just Here for the Food, Alton Brown’s first book. Alton is the mad phat guru behind Good Eats. Ahem. y0.

My Day so Far –
Eh. I would like to be graduated now.

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