No Such Thing As Morning

April 19, 2002

Comics –
# Sluggy Freelance : Newest spring fashion. Pants made entirely from Chicks.
# Penny Arcade : My mom wouldn’t be scared by SOF II.
# Exploitation Now : Hooper’s..kind of a jerk.

News and Articles –
# Woman sentenced to stoning for adultery. Sheesh. Double standard, anyone?
# Martha Stewart is Evil
# Sex is Good
# Bush’s Poll Numbers Down. Woohoo!
# Gates to Testify in MS Trial
# More Terrorist Alarmism
# Amtrak Derailment. Why are we the only nation with such a crappy rail system? Bah.

Misc. –
# Square Gallery. Anime and Game Art.
# Cloud 07. Anime Style Art. He’s, like, 13. (gack!)

My Day so Far –
I haven’t really had one. Woke up, went to the gym. Gonna go get some groceries now. Thank goodness for no class on Fridays.

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