Add -tastic to Make It a Word

October 19, 2001

What a day.

Yesterday (the 18th) was a very dichotomy-tastic day. The first 6 hours I spent awake I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. My programming/homework partner bailed on me, and I had to finish an assignment we had due today by myself on extremely short notice. Got it done, but it was a might touch and go for a while there.

Then last night I spent doing nothing. Abso-fragging-lutely nothing. It was nice. This has been a weird week, getting over being sick and all.

Tonight and Tomorrow I won’t be able to post a log because I’ll be in Portland! I’m going to the Annual H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival there. Gonna stay over Friday night with the Matts and come back Saturday night. I’ll give you a report when I get back.

The other big news I found out about this week is that I get to go see Weezer! They’re playing in the Key Arena up in Seattle on the 15th of November, the day before I return to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving break. Almost as exciting as getting to see one of the first bands I ever listened to would be getting to see/hear their opening band….Tenacious D! Awww Yeeah. I hope this one goes better than the bitterly canceled They Might be Giants concert, which I was supposed to attend the week of the September 11th WTC attack.

(You know, I’ve seen WTC alot lately in the news, and I still have problems associating those letters with the World Trade Center , and not …you know.)

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