Aiming For A System

April 23, 2001

Okay, okay. I know. First week having a weblog and I miss three days.
I wish I could show you what I am working on, but giving out access to it would kind of defeat the purpose of requiring a login to get there. Y’see, this quarter (period of 10 weeks) I’m doing an internship with my boss. Fun how that works. I’m scripting out a work order system to go behind the administration login on the Restech web site. This way we’ll have call tracking stuff going on. Much more sophisticated than the Excel spreadsheet we currently use.

And by use I mean “We enter stuff in and then delete it when we close the call”. No records there at all. Very sad.
Anyway, it’s going great! I’m having lots of fun, learning a lot, and accomplishing stuff like crazy. Makes ya feel good to be alive.
What an episode of The X-Files last night, huh? I swear, it’s so been worth watching this show for 8 years to see those two characters interact like that. “Sigh”.

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