The First Update

April 17, 2001

Finally! After much hemming and hawing, I redo this web site. Thank goodness. It’s 3 in the morning, PST, so I’m not going to say much at this point, but let it be known I intend to keep this web log up to date, and continue to update and add to the site, now that I have some sort of cohesive plan. Thanks in advance to Jukka Rajala, whom I contacted to make sure that using this “wonderful” theme is okay. If he says no, I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Wharg. I hate my body. Well…no, okay, I don’t hate it. It’d be pretty lonely as a non-corporeal entity. But the demands it makes. Once again, I find myself sleeping through the alarm, and then four hours more. Waking up at two in the afternoon, indeed. Foo.

Now, granted, it’s not like I have a class I need to be at right now. I’m doing an internship, wherein I am to do some php scripting, and make the scripts into a happy fun fun work order system for the folks I work with. The reason I’ve been sleeping so late … lately is because I’ve been up until three pounding out php. Or, like last night, working on this here web page.

Speaking of which, much much more is in the offing. I will actually get stuff I’ve written up, split “that” category into more categories, make a “key” so people can understand what the hell those little symbols mean, make some more links to other stuff, put up my resume… I’m actually kind of excited about having a functional, attractive web page. More later, once I’ve…you know, been awake.

Wow. Buffy and Angel were quite good tonight. Seeing David Boreanaz “bop” was highly amusing. More work on the site. The header and footer are now php includes, so I don’t have to keep changing them on “every” page whenever I change something in either.

Tomorrow I have to attend the Restech weekly meeting. Wee. I expect to begin work on the work order system project I have occupying my time this quarter. And more work on the web site, including my resume and more information about the site itself (the about link in the footer) should show up soon.

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